Most people don’t think about long-term care until they or a loved one needs immediate help—this often comes after a medical emergency that requires a stay in a nursing facility. In these stressful situations, it is easy to assume that the chance to secure Medicaid benefits has passed you by. While it’s always better to plan ahead, it’s almost never too late to start planning. Even in a “crisis” situation, proper Medicaid planning can save you and your family significant amounts of money and guarantee that you will have a way to pay for long-term care while protecting hard-earned assets.

Whether you’re trying to arrange long-term care for yourself or a loved one, we understand it is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. At Wallace Boggs, we will help you plan ahead or work through a crisis situation to make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of both now and in the future. Please visit our page for more information.