As a motorcyclist, you know that there’s a bias against you. Nonmotorcyclists tend to assume that motorcycle riders are careless, reckless or even dangerous. So it’s no surprise that in the event of a motorcycle accident, people will think that you’re at fault or place the blame on you. This makes it all the more important to make certain you are taking all the right steps in the aftermath.

Get A Police Report

Call 911 to report being in a motorcycle collision. Kentucky law requires that all car accidents involving injury or death, or that render a vehicle inoperable, be reported to the police immediately.

Even if the accident did not result in injury or death but caused $500 or more in property damage, you have to at least file a civilian collision report online. A police report creates a record of what happened, and it can prove valuable if you need to pursue a personal injury claim against the negligent driver.

Document Everything

Because of the tendency to blame the motorcycle rider, doing everything you can to make sure all the facts are recorded is critical. Collect all of the information from the other driver: name, contact details, driver’s license number, license plate number, insurance info. If there were witnesses, get their info as well. Take photos of the accident scene, the damage to your motorcycle and to the other vehicle, and your injuries. As soon as you get a chance, write down your impression of what happened. Memories can fade fast, especially in the aftermath of a stressful and potentially traumatic incident.

Get Checked Up

Let EMTs look at you if they arrive on the motorcycle accident scene. If they suggest you go to the hospital, follow their recommendation. While an ambulance ride can be expensive, your first priority is your wellbeing. All too often, serious injuries like concussion or whiplash are overlooked because they are masked by the adrenaline pumping through the body after an accident.

If you do not get immediate treatment, make an appointment with your doctor to get checked up just to be safe. If your doctor orders physical therapy or any other follow up treatment, follow those orders.

Talk To A Lawyer For Free

As soon as you can, reach out to a personal injury attorney to determine your options. An attorney will review your case for free. Early intervention from an attorney may mean securing video evidence of the motorcycle accident if it occurred someplace covered by traffic or security cameras. If you have already been offered a motor vehicle accident settlement by the negligent driver’s insurance company, an attorney can assess whether the amount offered is fair or if you are entitled to more.